Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Why am I soooooooo crap??

Hey. I am here! I havent stayed in Italy! I am jus crap.

I dont get whats up with me at the moment. I love writing thins thing, Im just exhausted. I was going to write a piece on italian food and the geneal holiday (including food poisoning - not happy about that one) as well as other bits and bobs about my weight loss etc, and I just don't feel I have the energy at all.

As steve is currently cooking, thought I would just write something incase people thought I had stopped altogether! Put a couple of pounds back on (again) over the hols, but getting back into the routine. Following last week when I thought I was losing my mind completely, have been a lot calmer and happier - oooooooooo steve just brought me a glass of wine! Well trainned! - anyway. Yeah, last week, was completely worn and honestly thought I was losing the plot, thought I was about to plummet off the edge of some invivisble cliff. But after some TLC from my lovely boy Im feeling 100% better. Am now back at school though and have Erika living with us - long story - so am shattered again.

I promise I will sleep well tonight and get round to writing something food orientated tomorrow. Maybe a break down of steve culinary delights!!

Hope you're well.


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