Saturday, 15 March 2008

Liking Saturdays

I think Saturday should be the new Sunday!

I am having a wonderufl morning simply lying in bed watching tacky tv! I haven't seen Corrination Street in years and I have just watched Gail Platt get pushed down the stairs!! At last she gets her cumupence!!

Anyhow, thats slightly off tack. Still not lost any more weight, but also not gainned it again. I am assuming I am now at the weight were I have to make something of an effort - bugger. Me and effort just don't go well together. It could also be that I am allowing myself to eat the little things I like and drink the little things I like without stressing, which in turn means I need to exercise MORE. Oh dear.

Its also not going to help that Steve went to Cadbury's World yesterday with Erika and her class, and brought back not only hundereds of free Cadbury's buttons, but multi packs of flakes, a big bag of mishapes and jelly babies! It also doesn't help that we decided to have a regular 'end of the month' pint on a Friday - yesterday bein the first. The problem when I have one with Erika is that I want more than one. So our end of the month pint (singular) ended up moving to the Station, drinking more than one pint, and having a fish finger sandwich and chips. If this is a regular thing, theres no help!

I am also returning to my favourite pub, The Station, this evening for Cath's little soiree! Very excited about this, alcohol, posh dresses and my favourite pub in one night! Woohoo! But this too does not help. My plan was to try and lose another half stone in time for the Easter holidays, so I could spend my vouchers, somehow not sure this is going to happen! Particularly when you throw in five days in Italy with the wonderful food and wine I am sure to over indulge in a weeks time.

Starting to wonder what the chances are of me keeping the weight off over the next few weeks!! Suppose I will just have to run a marathon or two in the coming days! So, folks beware, If you see me in the next few days, and I am eating something not particularly healthy, please swipe the offending item from my hand and do all in your power to destroy! Force to run, demand pressups in a military style, anything to help me shead a little bit more. Im not a fan of hard work, but I know it will be good for me, I AM determined to get into a size 12 pair of jeans once more, just might take a little longer than planned!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,
Good to hear you still pressing on!
I shocked myself when I stood on the scales (in a good way)! I have had a horrible cold over the last 4 days.. have not felt like much in the way of food.. so I have actually lost 6lb! I am hoping it will spur me on to loosing the other (mutters the number under her breath) stone that I have to loose.
I shall keep reading your blog for inspiration- any easy recipes for someone who HATES cooking?! That my 4 year old would enjoy too?!

Much love
Claire Bennett