Tuesday, 18 March 2008

To a few friends, old and new.

A little note:

To Claire (long time no see). Thank you for all your encouraging words. It is so lovely to hear from you and to know you are reading this. Its also lovely to know I am not alone in any of this. If nothing else comes out of this but a little inspiration for others, then I am happy. I hope you are happy and, ok, you are ill but well done for losing the 6lbs!! Will have a dig through my recipes and see what healthy food I have that is 'child-chef-friendly'! If you want to share experiences or just want a little moral support, I am here. Its not as difficult when there are shoulders to cry on! But to be honest, its not quite as difficult or scary as I first imagine! Keep in touch darling.

To Cath, Thank you for a brilliant time the other night and showing me what confidence and a love of life looks like. I know its not always that easy but you are an inspiration. Thank you for talking to me about my mutual food madness and making me understand that every woman, in some way, is a little bit tapped (Some more than others!) and that makes us wonderful, fascinating creatures who men should adore without question! (also have nicked the below photo - cheers chick).

To my Cie. Thank you my darling for being you. For supporting me and being there for me without question even though you are going through so much crap. Thank you for promising to move in with us and help me diet and cook properly (mainly by eating Steve's chocolate out of the fridge!). I love you lots for many many reasons, but mostly because you see something good in me and believe in me.

To my darling boy. I love you. I am so unbelievably proud of you for all you are attempting. You have been there for me through some truly crap times and you have made me a stronger, more confident and happier person through it. Thankyou for all the encouragement, love and affection you give; I couldn't achieve half my dreams without you. ***

*** I apologise to anyone who had to run for the sick bucket at this point but I am afraid you may have to face the fact that Steve is actually lovely. I know those who know him may wish to challenge this statement, but its true, I wouldn't be who I am without him!

DISCLAIMER: please do not be offended if you have not been mentioned in this note. It is in no means belittling our friendship, it is not that I do not like you (well, maybe this is true of some of you! heehee! Joke by the way!), neither is it that you have not affected my life in some profound way, its just very late, I have to get up early and I have momentarily misplaced you in my memory. Love to all!



Claireabell said...

Decided to follow in your path!
Thanks for the kick start Nat :-)
I dont know if my blog will be as interesting.. but it gives me a place to ramble!
Much love x

Claireabell said...

Technical hitch... i'm now at http://20something-claireabell.blogspot.com/