Sunday, 23 March 2008

A VERY Good Friday!

Happy Easter to one and all!

I do have to apologise for the infrequency of my blogging of late, not much excuse really, just been busy and sleepy! But I have indeed been happy!

Now, Good Friday is usually poorly named, as legend has it, this be the day on which the son of God was callously murdered by the Romans - if you were to believe the legend (used loosely). So, for that poor individual, not so much of a Good Friday.

Previously, on Good Fridays I used to work at Rivington Barn. For anyone who knows it, its a function hall and on Good Friday we would open up as a cafe. As many many people from the area walk up Rivington Pike on Good Friday, we would be ridiculously busy. I disliked Good Friday because I would run round like an idiot, get sweaty and smell of kitchen grease, while friends were out having fun and drinking. Not such a Good Friday (Ok, I did get paid for it so I suppose it was mildly more amusing than getting crucified).

This Friday was not shaping up to be a particularly Good Friday either, more like a very Average Friday. I had been out drinking on Thursday night and left my car at Erika's. So my plans involved retreiving my car, buying food from Tesco (which would be horrendously busy and I would be likely to mame someone with a trolly - Steve does not allow me to push trollies), then cleaning the house, washing clothes and generally being busy in the household way, getting ready to go on Holiday - not what I saw as entertainning or 'Good'. The first day of my Easter break was going to be a Busy Friday.

However, as I woke, the winds appeared to have changed. I stepped onto the scales to register a disbeliving 11stone 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!! Now ok, it has taken some time to lose the last few pounds, but my god it felt good! I say disbeliving as the previous night I had sunk several pints of cider, a large portion of fish and chips at the pub (everyone should have fish and chips at the Station in Sutton at some point in their lives!) and then on returning home I ate two slices of goats cheese and the remainning slice of goats cheese tart I made a couple of nights earlier! And then there was the chocolate I had consumed through the day - not a light Thursday! By all accounts I should have been several pounds heavier!

So, the day started well, I was under 12 stone! This changed everything!!!! I decided on my way to collect my car I would go and spend a few of my Christmas vouchers. Now I know, I know, I know, I am not supposed to be spending them yet, but I wanted some new underwear so why the hell not. I decided I would get measured as my boobs have shrunk over the last few months! I am now a 34 DD! This is amasing!!!!!!! I was a 36/38 for such a long time, so to have someone officially say to me I was 34 was wonderful! I managed to spend £75 of my vouchers on lots of new underwear so I can chuck the old stuff out. I feel so much more confident with pretty knickers!

Bouncing along the street, I was collecting my car via The Station and the soft drinks Erika and I were going to have. Just the one, just to catch up from the previous night and waste half an hour. By the time I had reached the bottom of my pint of larger (following the coke) I knew my car was staying put! Erika and I decided to stay, drink and generally put the world to rights! It was soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!! I love impromptu drinking sessions! Abandonned was the shopping, abandonned was the cleaning, abandonned was my steve - bless him. Apparently he already knew how I was going to spend my day! Steak sandwiches were devoured and an (un)healthy amount of larger was consumed, many giggles were had and stupidity laid bare!

So, for once the day lived up to its legendary name, Good Friday was indeed Good. I had registered weight below 12 stone, I was measured at 34", I got drunk and silly instead of being responsible and mature! Lets call it a Bloody Brilliant Friday shall we?!

Have a Happy Easter! Will be back next week after filling myself in Rome! Heehee!! Ciao for now!


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Claireabell said...

This is such fantastic news!
Well done for sticking at it :-)
I hope this gives you an added boost in these next few weeks hon.
So pleased for you :-)